Cleaning House

Okay, I admit that I have neglected this website for a very long time now. Well, that neglect has been kicked to the curb and I’m back in the yard clipping the bushes and the weeds. In fact I’m starting over. I have changed the visual theme on the site and now I’m cleaning up the post and refocusing on several aspects of my writing career and my life.

Not only is my site getting a change, but, I’m also redoing my book covers and hammering away at the keyboard once again. Organization is something that we all struggle with, some of us more than others. (wink)

Also, I’m trying out the Mailchimp email service. So, if you do signup for my newsletter (on the right) and experience any issues with the service, please let me know via the contact page or on Twitter. (I respond faster on Twitter)

Again, thanks for checking out my website and sticking with me as I get things back on track and start cranking out some more stories for my loyal fans.

Highest Regards,