Netflix Killed my Apple TV

(This is Arthas the cat.)

It’s been a few weeks since I closed my Netflix account and a sad yet predictable thing has happened. I stopped using my Apple TV. In the past, I would come home, put my feet up and click on my Apple TV. But as I recently realized. The only reason I turned on my little black box, that was snuggled next to my very big flat screen, was to watch Netflix.

Apparently, I had no other use for my little companion. When I broke up with Netflix it broke my Apple TV. I seriously, haven’t turned it on since I canceled my Netflix account.

I suppose this is evidence of things to come. How many things have we purchased mainly to compliment another device or service? I had not thought about removing the Apple TV from my life and the universe in its all knowing wisdom has made that choice for me.

Look around your house, how many things can you remove? Then how many more things can you remove because the only reason it exists in your life is that it compliments some other device.

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