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I broke up with Netflix


Today was one of the hardest days of my life. I decided to end one of the longest relationships that I have ever committed to. Netflix.

As a minimalist, I have a great need to reduce, to simplify and thus to end. It’s not that Netflix is expensive, at around ten dollars a month, the cost is something that I don’t even consider.  Sadly, the reason I decided to end this multiyear relationship is that Netflix is no longer bringing value to the relationship.

I have power watched all the TV shows that I even remotely find interesting. I have seen all the movies that I added to my “list” years ago. In some cases, I have rewatched entire series multiple times.

Every month usually one movie is added that I would actually burn two hours watching, but only one. Now Disney will be pulling all their programs from Netflix, I can already see a void appearing, one similar to Hulu. I can honestly see the end of Netflix on the horizon.

I felt sad as I clicked the button to end my subscription. However, now there is one less attachment, one less distraction and one more reason to go outside.