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I broke up with Netflix


Today was one of the hardest days of my life. I decided to end one of the longest relationships that I have ever committed to. Netflix.

As a minimalist, I have a great need to reduce, to simplify and thus to end. It’s not that Netflix is expensive, at around ten dollars a month, the cost is something that I don’t even consider.  Sadly, the reason I decided to end this multiyear relationship is that Netflix is no longer bringing value to the relationship.

I have power watched all the TV shows that I even remotely find interesting. I have seen all the movies that I added to my “list” years ago. In some cases, I have rewatched entire series multiple times.

Every month usually one movie is added that I would actually burn two hours watching, but only one. Now Disney will be pulling all their programs from Netflix, I can already see a void appearing, one similar to Hulu. I can honestly see the end of Netflix on the horizon.

I felt sad as I clicked the button to end my subscription. However, now there is one less attachment, one less distraction and one more reason to go outside.


End Social Pollution


Here is a test. Delete every social app from your phone, from your tablet or from your computer. Now, continue with your day. If you can make it through one day without a nervous breakdown then I applaud you. If you can make it through two days then you, my friend are a rockstar at self-control.

Deleting the apps is just the first step. If you can make it through a full week of social app detox then it would be a good time to decide if you really need any of those services at all. I strongly believe that the Facebook and Twitters of the world will not miss you when you leave the service. So lets put it to the test. Log into any of your favorite social time wasters and quickly click on the settings tab, don’t get sidetracked by all the blinking distractions!

I’m trusting you here to retain your self-control and to get through this as quickly as possible. In the settings area click on Delete My Account. Go ahead I’ll wait.

If you made it this far I can only assume that you are reading along and are seriously contemplating doing exactly what I’m describing in this post or you are actually working along with what I’m saying and you just clicked Delete My Account. Either way, I’m very proud of you.

Many people don’t know or don’t consider social apps to be an addiction, but they are. They are the biggest time wasters on the planet currently. Everyone that has access to a modern smartphone is addicted to the device and the apps that connect them to the internet.

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with the technology that has made the world a smaller more informed place. But the side effects of social apps, in particular, are destroying the human race. People have become dependent on the constant flow of information from the other social addicts that they call “friends”.

My hope is that my readers will break free from the modern day slavery and find the disconnect that they need.